Since 1978   - our units will give a lifetime of service with very little maintenance - build and tolerances will never be compromised . We  are the Engineers Choice.

B&H Inc, Houston Texas:


We  are proud of our legacy and that clients come back to us time and time again spanning over 40 years 

Bill Summers Owner & President of B&H Valve Inc

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At Dunn's Valve Testers, Inc., we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your valve testing needs on track and under budget.

Operator John next to Dunn’s Valve Tester #176

“We (B&H Valve) purchased 2 Dunn’s Valve Testers #076 in 1983 which is currently used for training and spares. We intend to refurbish this testers in the near future. We purchased #176 a Flange Clamp Tester in 1987 and John the operator pictured opposite has used the tester every day since the day of purchase.  Apart from the replacement of wear items the tester has never let us down and we intend to use it daily for the next 25 years.

We will always purchase our replacement parts from Dunn’s Valve Testers to ensure we get the right part first time.”